Leadership Circles

The Crossing has two leadership circles – Mission Circle and Worship Circle – and both are open to anyone who wants to join them. If you've been feeling a call to step into leadership in our community, please consider joining us! Both circles meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month, usually in the home of one of it's members.

Community Circle

We strive to be partners in creating the just, compassionate reign of God in our world. To this end, our Community Circle leads our community with regular ministries and programs of justice, healing, and reconciliation, and community building. Specifically, the Community Circle:

  • builds relationships with other communities, congregations, and organizations, both religious and secular.
  • oversees our small groups.
  • welcomes newcomers into our community 
  • and taking newcomers out for one-on-one meetings.

If you want to help The Crossing change the world, talk to Marsha Hoecker, Rebecca Kreshak, or Dorie Goehring.

Worship Circle

The Worship Circle is a creative crew of artists, poets, musicians, liturgists, dramatists, prophets, and dreamers who design, plan, and implement our weekly worship, including choosing songs, recruiting reflection leaders, writing prayers, baking communion bread, playing with lighting, decorating our space, and generally being creative and awesome. Specifically, the Worship Circle:

  • recruits and trains volunteers to reflect on the gospel.
  • recruits and trains volunteers to lead our community in spiritual practices during worship.
  • recruits and trains greeters, set-up volunteers, and clean-up volunteers.
  • creates engaging, interactive Open Space activities and installations.
  • selects music and coaches our musicians.
  • provides hospitality after worship.

If you want to come get your hands dirty in our liturgical laboratory, talk to Autumn Cutting.


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