September 13, 2014


Facilitator: Annie  
Note Taker: Keiko  
Review of previous action items Presenter Name: all      
Catching up Marsha: Fist to five, norm corrections, roles
Feedback on template: approved and will proceed with format
Shane and Annie have met to discuss fundraising campaign; details to come
MC Meeting was organized (Keiko)
Launch is this Thursday; continue to spread the word. (all)
Lawrence room is all set (Isaac)
Submission for Mission Hub was on time. Mission Hub application training was last week.  Final application is due 25th but will most likely is going to miss the deadline; need other partners from two other churches to setup into work on the grant proposal. St. John might be out of the proposal. (Isaac)
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Two vote-able items on Fundraising Shane & Annie  
Mission Circle (MC) Presenter Name: Keiko & Marsha      
Open mission circle meeting on Thursday – a desire to have mission focused into worship (maybe through the sending) and maybe open brief sharing of mission work people are engaging. Katie also is interested in this discussion.Proposed ideas:-        a reflection series on mission (Pentecostal period vs. epiphany period-calling of discipleship).-        Integrate into worship a “Blessings and/or Send off” on anyone/anything going on a mission or any organization doing a mission (eg. Prayer/send off for missions trip). Or one-liner exhortation at the end of the service to ‘go into the mission field of our life’-        Dedicated worship service to mission work/organization – focused prayer on their mission-        Possible worship and mission circle joint meeting after mission circle develops a mission statement.-        Proposed partnership with Vivian (executive director of Integrity –LGBT organization) has mission and vision but need man power; The Crossing has manpower and great at supporting but don’t have the capacity to really build a mission from scratch.
After worship events is prerogative of the Mission Circle
Next weekend on Climate March –-        Reflects on intentionality on our impact on environment-        Ideas: paper plates, plastic cups. Can we switch to using dishes and washing them?
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Email: setup a meeting time with mission and worship circle Keiko  
1-1 with Vivian Matt / Marsha ?  
Worship Circle (WC) Presenter Name: Annie      
Request from the community to hiring a babysitter for Thursday night service. Will continue discussion about how to budget for it (estimation of $30/week). Will consider moving forward with a trial period until December. Initial reach out to local churches, target college student/high school student.  Tentative proposed start date: first week of October. Will run the idea by through Jep.
Concern : need more help with set-up and tear down
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Brief job description / reach out to churches Marsha ?
Budget Presenter Name: Shane      
Discussion:   Budget implications for hiring Marsha:Savings- $5000 of Relocation.Health Insurance- $2640 this year resulting in net insurance savings of $5600. Estimated increase to around $8,000 next year. Salary savings this year- $1,700 this is due to the decrease in Clergy Budget and increase in Lay salaries.  This is expected with our summer employment shifts; no priest for six weeks.Total net savings- ~13,300      Recommendations of use for the net savings: Pay Yun-Jun for seminarian EDS stipend.
Current 17,000 on plate/pledge (half way to budget goal of $35,000) which is $2000 higher than prior years in September. Every quarter a P&N report is sent out so next month will have more details.
Items of concern:-        Isaac discussed with Jen about thank you notes to pledgers and regular givers. There are quarterly updates sent out by the Dean so CC has an opportunity to examine finances more closely. This also is an opportunity to send thank you notes to pledgers.-        Shane will follow up on estimated unaccounted $5000 of pledge money with Jen.-        Isaac will follow-up with Nate about discordant numbers on the PLN report and the budget.-        Please remind (Jen) to have the dates on the items on the budget in order to track when a check was cashed.
Grants: $8000 was expected but it is a lot to do as a volunteer and therefore the recommendation is to offer grant writing work-item for an intern who is interested.
Recommendation: start a month long pledge drive in November. It will coincide with budget proposal for 2015.
Monthly budget meeting, which was on Thursday 8am, is now moving to Tuesday; Shane has been attending but there is a conflict so he recommends another council member to take over.
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Line by line budget (from quarterly update) Shane  
Speak about $7000 gift to Jen (one-time or repeat) Shane  
Budget meeting email notification to Council Shane  
Follow up with Nate on discordant number on P&N report Isaac  
Thank you notes Isaac  
Mission Hubs “Hot, hot, shit of the Diodes” Presenter Name: Isaac      
Will send a group email on the mission hubs; requests feedback within 24 hours
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Letter of intent Isaac  
Response to letter All 24 hr after
LDI Presenter Name: Isaac      
‘Taste and See’ Meeting is October 7 (Tuesday);  Isaac cannot attend the meeting. Shane Marsha Annie Matt will attend.Purpose is to discuss the Crossing’s leadership development and vision building .
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Attend meeting Shane, Marsha, Annie, Matt October 7th
Isaac’s Candidacy Presenter Name: Isaac      
Unanimous support for Isaac’s candidacy (Isaac was requested to leave the room).Going forward : will develop a feedback/evaluation system for all staff including priest, Isaac and interns.Action Item: drafting guidelines (Annie)CC’s request to Isaac to share his story of calling to priesthood, we would to hear your story.
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Draft a guideline for feedback/evaluation Annie  
Temperture Check Presenter Name: all      
 Where do we perceive God working; how people are connecting/disconnecting with the Crossing (32 attended; core members missing, lots of new people)-        Proposed one to one campaign-        Create a labyrinth on concrete on a Boston street, people gather and pray/walk, write the Crossing website-        UU – Shane is also going through candidacy-        Isaac: check-in of the candidacy “so much shit to shovel its hard to see the pile”Action item : survey or active database to sent out to do 1-1. (Michael)
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
One on one campagin Michael  
CC Housekeeping Presenter Name: Michael, Isaac      
Need to decide CC facilitator for next 3 months : Annie will stay on for October. Need someone for Nov & Dec.Michael’s two year term is almost done.CC note keeper for 3 months: Keiko
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Summary of Meeting [To send to community bulletin]        
Budget Update on week of September
CC’s unanimous support of Isaac’s candidacy
Launch on Sept 18th
Next Meeting Date: October 11th 6pm        
LLocation: 77 Wachusetts (tentative)Host: Keiko



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