August 9, 2014


Facilitator: Annie  
Note Taker: Keiko  
Review of Last Meeting Presenter Name: all      
Discussion:   Katie & Annie: Organized meeting with SC and will facilitate the dinner meeting agenda
Michael: Communicated with SC
Isaac: Emailed Arrington about more details about LDI (July 24th; waiting to hear back about timeline to move forward potentially community building with Marsha. Scheduled follow up with Duncan.
Shane & Annie : scheduled tentative meeting Aug 17th for stewardship
Katie: will roll over the organization of ‘thank you’ dinner until next month; will select a date where all/most SC members can attend
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Stewardship Shane & Annie Sept?
“Thank you dinner” Katie Sept?
Dinner Meeting Agenda Katie & Annie Sept?
Mission Circle (MC) Presenter Name: Keiko      
Discussion: Plan to have initial (meal/get to know you) meeting with Elizabeth, Life Together fellow, Marsha. 
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Schedule meeting Keiko Sept
Worship Circle (WC) Presenter Name: Annie      
Discussion:    Kick off for the year, discussion about dates
9/4 currently set as opening; 9/18 potential official Launch/Celebration/Welcoming of Marsha onto staff
How to get word out? Need everyone to be on board and strategize to spread the word. Technical launch by WC.
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Launch worship service WC 9/18
Spread the word about Launch Everyone 9/4
Staff Updates Presenter Name: Isaac      
Discussion:    Can hire Marsha ASAP.
Three interns starting in August.Two interns: Yun Jeong (potential supervisor: Marsha)  David (WC, pastoral listening group, supervisor: Isaac).One life together fellow: Matt (MC, LGBT groups, supervisor: Isaac)
Budget Presenter Name: Shane      
Discussion:    July: 3,800 on plate and pledge, $3,000 was from one individual.
Discussed Marsha’s work compensation, relocation cost $5000, health insurance (Crossing pays half, other job pays half).
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Informal budget for Marsha’s work compensation Shane Sept?
Supporting Marsha on Transition Presenter Name:      
Discussion: CC recommit to emailing Marsha on decision to hire. CC Jep and connect with back. Invite to next service.
Announcement to community: use Tom’s letter of introduction about Marsha and use E-blast.
   Tuesday E-blast (Aug 12) head-up announcement.    Announce to community (Aug 14th in house church).   Tuesday E-blast (Aug 19th) Official, brief timeline.
1) Stewardship for Marsha:  1-1 with leadership and community members.Marsha & Community vision retreat: possible dates October or LDI in JanuaryCC Meetings readdress meeting times and recommit to norms with Marsha
2) Community stewardship through “get to know Marsha” events : set up coffee hours, Thursday get-together after worship*; planning meeting with Elizabeth, Annie and Keiko.
3) Celebration and gratitude dinner to SC; check-in with SC about their desired level of future involvement regarding hiring questions
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Talking point: check-in with SC about hiring Q’s Annie  
Schedule meeting with MC* Keiko  
Staff Logistics Isaac  
Hiring Email to Marsha Katie  
Welcome basket: Radical Welcome Book Isaac  
Welcome basket: flowers Keiko  
Welcome basket: food Shane  
Welcome basket: Coffee Gift Card Annie  
Email Marsha’s official start date to CC Isaac or Katie  
Crossing Worship Space Presenter Name: Annie      
Discussion:    Overwhelming dislike of St. Peters, prefer to stay in Lawrence Room. Consider inviting Derek Know and David Miller to work on the idea of worshiping in different spaces (eg. Buddhist space)
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Availability of Lawrence room Isaac  
Mission Hubs “Hot, hot, shit of the Diodes” Presenter Name: Isaac      
Discussion: Currenlty there is no hub in Boston; consider partnering with Emmanuel Church & St. James & MIT/BU Chaplaincy for a possible funding for 2-3K for intentional community building in the young adult community.
Will share letter of intent with CC à submit letter of intent à training on how to apply à apply in October
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Letter of intent Isaac  
Council Communication Presenter Name: Isaac      
Discussion:    Concern in community about transparency; move forward to create template, put condensed summary in e-blast, put CC meeting dates in bulletin
Action Items: Person Responsible: Deadline:
Make template & secretary role Keiko  
Summary of Meeting [To send to community bulletin]        
Big Celebration on Sept 18th
Budget Update on week of Sept 17th
Clarity on Communication: format & note-taker established
Next Meeting Date: Sept 13th        
LLocation: TBD


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