June 14, 2014

Worship Circle Update:

  • Could use a few more people (currently 5 active members)
  • Just switched to one meeting after worship on Thursdays which the entire community is encouraged to attend, and one regular meeting on Tuesdays.
  • The impending move to St John's in September is on people's mind.
    • August House Church in the space - cull feedback from the community
    • Put on the WC's agenda to revisit at our next meeting.
  • Also, Isaac is stressed about moving to a New Testament focus for the rest of the program year. Lectionary or not?
Mission Circle Update:
  • Last day for signatures is tomorrow. Our contribution has been awesome - we've gotten 350 signatures. Yay us!
  • LDI is wrapping up.
  • Only three people on Mission Circle - Lura, Keiko, and Elizabeth. Need recruitment!
  • Mission Circle's focus - mission-centered small group or leadership circle?
  • Also - outward focus on justice work, or inward focus on serving our own members?
  • To do: focus MC on setting themselves up for September - vision, membership, etc.
  • To do: share and celebrate the MC's work on this campaign.
Search Committee:
  • met this morning, no update from them.
  • Michael will send an update to the Council list.
Budget Update:
  • Little bit behind on Plate and Pledge, but not disturbingly so.
  • Andover Newton student wants to help us write grants.
  • Confusion for Easter Vigil.
  • Retreat budget says $417. We need an itemization. Also, we need to look at Bill Kondrath's check request to make sure it happened.
  • Issue with Isaac's salary has been fixed.
  • To do: Look up Crossing Partnerships.
  • Strange things with pledges - people who have given money are coming up as not having given money.
  • Let's bring back the square reader.
  • Judith w/Shane will conquer this. Rawr.
Money Talk:
  • How much should the Council know about individual donations?
  • How do we track pledge fulfillment?
  • Katie: I feel that we need a middle way - the people who are leading the stewardship campaign should have access to pledge information (priest or lay - doesn't matter). I don't think the entire council need to know that information, however.
  • Judith: More than one person is a good idea, and we need to be transparent about who has that information. I prefer not knowing who's giving what, myself - it can, in fact, change dynamics in relationships between staff and congregation.
  • Annie: We need to be careful about how we thank people for giving to The Crossing. What are we doing to say thank you?
  • Isaac: My experience of pledging has been very cold - the only difference between me pledging and me not pledging is that now I get a letter once a year on cathedral letterhead verifying my donation for tax purposes.
  • Action item for Isaac: talk to Jen and see how we can better thank people who give to us.
  • Action item for Annie: come up with a draft plan for touchpoints for givers.
  • Shane and Annie will be rocking out for our stewardship team, possibly pulling in Eric. Specific pledge information won't be shared with anyone who hasn't been elected to council, for now.
1:1 Campaign
  • Putting it off until the fall
End of year retreat
  • St Margaret's house.
  • Air BnB
  • Crossing camping trip (Annie has a tent)
  • BU campground
  • Youth Hostel on the cape
  • Judith's friends has a camping space in Vermont (tents)
  • Penny and Scott
  • Bill's friend
  • St George's
  • Isaac and Katie (as backup)
Next Meeting:
  • July 12th, 6pm to 8:30pm
  • Isaac will facilitate in July, Annie will celebrate Aug, Sept, and Oct.
  • Let's revisit in August.



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