April 12, 2014

Council Minutes - April 2014

Worship circle space decision (Annie)
The Worship circle went to check out St. John and found the space to be more suitable than Lawrence room. The Lawrence room would require more creativity with making a worship space while St. John already had a large space upfront with a immovable altar.
Worship circle's brainstorm is to stay in Lawrence room in July, start moving things this Tuesday. Tell Steve about email. Email Isaac about what things needs to be moved.
- August in home worship
- September will move more things to St. John for the rest of the year

Mission Circle update (Keiko)
The Mission Circle is working on Minimum Wage (Raise Up MA Campaign) with MCAN (Massachusetts Community Action Network). We are learning a lot about how our personal lives affect how we are able to give back to the community. Asking for support through prayer.

Search committee update (Michael)
There are two top candidates : one is a Lutheran pastor who is having some issue with part-time, the other is fine with part-time position.
Search committee's request for Council's support:
- Before ruling out a candidate, consider find second half-time position via non-profit or another Cathedral job.

Council's reflections:
- Expressed hesitation with hiring based on offering candidate full time position when there can be no such guarantee.

- If Lutheran candidate is chosen, may need to have open discussion with community to address why a Lutheran was chosen.

- Need more specifics from Search Committee – if they are ready to recommend candidate for hire, then we can offer support in job search through The Crossing's networks.

Treasurer's report
- 5,600 plate and pledge à estimated 22,000/year

- will look into past and ask more details on checks cashed and square accounts

- Council requests monthly report

- Follow up with Shane and Jen and Trisha's meeting on getting more funding (? not sure if I heard correctly ?)

Proposal for stewardship/pledging drive in May
taken from Nadia's new framing of stewardship: buying shares of a co-op. Use something physical to represent pledging and building a church and community. Possibilities include legos or Jenga blocks. Worship practice at end April/May?

Planning transition for end of May
- Look at where we were and where we are now

- Worship Circle to lead the worship

- Council support food and party

- Move Tricia's things on 28th, need help loading the car

- Exit interview with Isaac or council (possible 27th? Next meeting agenda)

- Maybe Isaac to be on point?

Any further planning for 1:1 drive
- figure it out by email



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