March 15, 2014

Study Project - an author wants to come and experience the community, interview members, attend worship, and write about us. He's particularly interested in the relationship between the cathedral and the church. He suggests August 26 - 28, but we'd prefer that he comes in September. We're interested in inviting him to speak, so that there's a relational/dialectical aspect to what he's doing.

Financial Report - For some reason, our square donations are not showing up in our financial reports.

Review of 2014 Budget and Challenges in Stewardship and Fundraising Shane - We've received about $2,500 for Jan and Feb, which is below where we need to be. We'd love for Shane to compare this to last year, since giving is not flatly consistently across the year - we always get a rush in December.

Isaac wants to know if we've been thanking people who donate adequately. We don't have the information of who is giving, but the cathedral is. We should get that information. Tricia wants us to track incoming money ourselves, so that we can be in better communication with people as they give throughout the year - i.e. if someone contacts us and asks how much of their pledge they have left to give, we need an answer.

Let's do our next stewardship drive in May.

Creation of a Council Plan for how we can meet these challenges

We need to raise $35,000 in plate and pledge, $8,000 in grants, and $1,000 in partnerships. At the moment, we have $2,500 in plate and pledge and $100 in partnerships. It seems like we need two teams, one on pledging and one on grants. Michael Zahniser is willing to take leadership on pledging, and Annie is willing to help.

Katie Ernst and Isaac want to bring back a focus on partnerships. Katie in particular wants to focus our expertise on lay leadership in the church. Annie would like to run an event and charge people to attend rather than reaching out to specific congregations. Maybe in August. Isaac would like to advertise in the Live Together.

Joint meeting with Search sometime in Spring? agenda? taking the lead?

Isaac wonders if we need another joint meeting so soon after the previous retreat. Tricia remembers that there was energy for having another meeting at the end of the retreat. Michael will reach out to the SC to ask how they feel about it. Either way, we're due for a member exchange next month.

Update on Interim for the Summer Isaac
We met with our interim candidate after worship last Thursday. We like her, and we want to offer her a job.

Facilitator for next three months, and food and worship responsibility for next month.
Michael will be our facilitator from now until the June meeting. Annie will host next time.

Action Items:
-Talk to Ethel and/or Jen about getting that list of names. Shane.
-Talk to Katie Everett about tracking money that comes in. Shane.
-Put together a thrice-yearly report for the Council regarding pledge income. Shane.
-Let's make a spreadsheet to keep track of this stuff. Email stuff to Nate for him to enter. Katie Everett.
-Worship Circle should pick a day prior to June for our next stewardship drive. Annie will coordinate with WC, Michael will take lead on planning.
-Annie and Katie will take lead on getting copy together for an ad by April 11. Possible partners: Guest speaker? Mass Council of Churches? Province 1 grant? EDS? Mission Institute?
-Isaac and Michael will launch an Easter 1:1 campaign.
-Michael will check with Search Committee to see if they want another joint meeting.
-Isaac will make a job offer to the interim candidate after checking with Jep.
-Next Council meeting - how to handle the presbyteral transition from Tricia to the interim.
-Next Council meeting - focus on Mission Circle
-Thank Sarah for the food she made for the council. Isaac.


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