February 17, 2014

Crossing Meeting Notes - Feb 17, 2014

Treasurer's Report:

$34,733 in plate and pledge for 2013!

There were a few oddnesses in final report, including a lack of ay Calvin expenses, and a mysterious eight grand spend on travel.

Action item: follow up with diocesan finance office.

Interim Priest: Discussion and Vote

*Council agrees to hire an interim for June-Aug.

*Possible candidate is Judith Atkinson, of St James, who has expressed interest. We would like for her to meet with the Council before hiring her. We would also put a lot of intention into the transition - saying goodbye, welcoming, etc. The Crossing is a unique place, and it can take two months to figure out what it's going on.

*We would really, really like for the interim to stay here until a settled priest is hired. Having three interims would be hard on the community. Would it make sense to conduct a search?

*We could refer to her as "supply" rather than as "interim," to make it feel less like a revolving door.

*Let's ask Judith to come out with us after worship on the 29th. (Isaac)

*Council agrees to create 20 hours in staff hours for June/July, in order to ensure continuity.

Action item: Isaac will talk to Lura and Rebecca about staying on for the summer.

Staring June 1, we have $644 per week for a half-time priest.

Quarter-time interim option:

$322 for the priest (12.5 hours)

21.5 staff hours @ $15/hour


$322 for the priest (12.5 hours)

Isaac at 40 hours.

Third-time interim option:

$429 for the priest (16.5 hours)

14 staff hours @ $15/hour


$429 for the priest (16.5 hours)

Isaac at 35 hours

Diocese Strategic Ministry Grant

*Isaac and Shane will take lead on representing The Crossing at this event.

*We need to present for 5-10 minutes and request that we be a Diocesan Strategic Ministry. In the past, this has been about 45% of our budget.

*Do we have this stuff codified anywhere?

*Shane and Tricia will make an administrative calendar for the year.

Review of Crossing Structure

Michael: Two things that are difficult: No mission circle representative, and it's been hard to find council members who can commit to two years.

Shane: In a perfect world, we'd move leadership roles around more quickly, and constantly be training our successors. The downside is that that takes a whole lot of time and energy.

Tricia: Is it crazy to ask people to sit on both Council and on a leadership circle?

Michael: The circle representatives are to facilitate communication between the groups, and we've had problems with that in the past.

Annie: I think our biggest structural problem is staff stability. Also, we could be more open than we are.

Katie: We ought to be announcing when Council meetings are happening, and we ought to be linking the Council notes in our eblast and on Facebook.

Annie: Let's get a really great meeting on the books in May for this, and invite a lot of people to be part of the conversation. In the meantime, let's be more transparent about when and where our meetings are.

*Crossing says yes to May meeting.

*Council will invite Lura and/or another Mission Circle representative to Council to chat with us.



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