January 11, 2014

Annual Meeting:

What do we believe the Crossing story to be?
Isaac: We want more of the story and narrative rather than just 'here are the facts'
Annie: What is the story of the community in the last year? Could we use the Quaker tradition to talk about what it looks like from everyone's perspective?
Isaac: Tell a story of hope - great ministry - share about 2 new videos, pledge, budget. The story of the magi continued - following on this path. Also energized
Tricia: The little Engine that could - we can do it. Not everything and not perfectly, but we can do it, and have been.
Shane: Hope in the budget - increase pledges for next year
Annie: Be honest with where we are, too - present the challenges, but be hopeful even with those

Edits to Annual Meeting Agenda
Add norms to beginning of the meeting
Timeline will happen during open space starting this week on the 16th and we will end worship in the Lawrence room to save time on transition
Shout-Outs will be omitted and more time for community responses of hopes and concerns.
Annie: Need more time for pastoral care
Michael: Do we need a process for the election?
Isaac; We can use different color stickies for different types of events - also need to have the written annual report available at end of the meeting.
Annie: We can give out a 'packet' at the end for people to take home information, as well.
Hope and concerns – if there are questions needing more thoughtful response, we will collect concerns and answer fully later.

Action Items:
Shane: Budget AND Norms - will talk to Isaac
Michael: Search Committee email - will ask if they will present for Q&A; Closing Prayer AND Facilitate community concerns/hopes
Isaac: Send norms to Shane; Meet with Annie for Story facilitation; run election and support community discussion
Tricia: Revise Agenda; Confirm Stephen Burns; Lead Opening Prayer, Lead Tenure Conversation
Annie: Send Tricia Notes; Create Collection of Materials; Work with Isaac on story facilitation; facilitate concerns and hopes

Priestly Leadership at the Crossing

What are we looking for in the interim?
1. Worship responsibilities
2. Spiritual formation
3. Pastoral Care
4. Social Justice work - facilitate this because it has fallen away

Tricia agreed and added:
- Leadership Development - meet with people to gage their interest and help them connect to their leadership abilities and connect them to resources.
- Program work - small groups, mission and after worship
-Staff Facilitation - working with Isaac, supporting Treasurer, Annual Report, working with the Cathedral
- Financial Stewardship/Fundraising

Isaac: From a theological perspective, what happens in liturgy nourishes what happens outside of liturgy. We are nourished by riches of God's grace from the hands of the priest during communion because we are also being nourished by the priest during the rest of the week. Having supply clergy reduces priesthood to a liturgical function, so I'm not interested in having someone preside at the table for us who is not also involved in the community in some sort of pastoral capacity.
Concern with 'holy hands' - who will nourish us throughout the week?

Michael: Agree to some extent. Sacrament is important. 75% of people he's asked about why they are drawn to the Crossing it is because of what happens at communion. Everyone agrees that something was happening there.
Supply priests/whoever else - priest needs to believe that something different is happening here and he worries that without that, we will peak at the reflection and not focus. We need someone with a sacramental urge

Annie: At the same time, I think former Catholics are drawn to the intentional community aspects of the Crossing - that we really care for each other and we need to have that, as well. But could that come from the emergent/lay leadership? That said, we do need someone in the priest role who is trained to handle crisis.

Shane: Can we come up with a list of resources?
Invite Jep to the daylong retreat for Search and Council
Next step is the retreat - need to discuss what we are looking for with the search committee
Additional Action Items:
1. Isaac will speak with Jep and email the council with more definition of what we can/cannot consider (ie, is full-time priest completely off?)
2. Michael will confirm the date with search committee and then email the council to confirm the date
3. Shane will be meeting with Tricia on Tuesday regarding a narrative for the budget presentation.



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