November 9 2013

Review of working agreements

- list from October mtg. notes

- Michael: last one is tough wtih irregular scheduling of meetings

- Isaac: from last mtg, going forward meetings will be second Saturday night 6-8:30 pm

- Shane can also do Saturday afternoons now

Monthly / Quarterly facilitator:

- should we have someone in that role for longer

- concern about having membership turn-around, and someone being in that role and not being able to continue serving

- Shane likes having some sort of continuity, really helpful being able to count on someone to send out reminder emails

- concern about the commitment to sign up for 3 months vs 1 month

- not everyone should be expected to be good at facilitating always, but then do we end up with some people doing it a lot, and others never doing it

- balancing workload if that's the case

- Tricia: we could really do better if we had some continuity

- fist of five on shifting to a three month position: passed

Check in on Council work:

- 6 (or 9) month review to reflect on our performance so far: what's worked well, what hasn't, +s -s, results...


- budget stuff and 3% increase

- Halloween party

- mtg in September (visioning night) was a really solid event, attendance was fantastic

- 1:1 campaign

- attendance has been good this year

- getting working agreements and bylaws

- maintaining a level of membership

- creating of Stewardship team

- engage your neighbor / renew your world

- Council as a whole is a very functional group

- ability to express frustration while staying in relationship

- new website: it's badass


- unclear what our purpose is

- no newcomers brunches (had a meal after worship)

- 1:1 has only gotten to about half the community

- better communication with other leadership groups at the Crossing

- small groups to a lot longer to get started than was planned

process +:

- standard of having agendas and real decision-making

- fist of five

- consensus-driven, we've never needed to have an issue come to a vote

- conscientious of when Isaac and Tricia should step out, and have handled those times gracefully

- attendance has been pretty good, no sense that people haven't been prioritizing this

- good experience with facilitation and respectful conversation

- never feel like having to fight to get a word in, have a good pace at meetings

- taking of notes and making available to community

process deltas:

- 3% issue and saying "we'll get back to you", felt like that got dropped

- dropping the scheduling of the last-minute meeting

- email: struggles with scheduling and email responses

- having a more set process to follow up on action items

- the way we pray together sometimes feels lacking in depth in knitting us into a prayerful community

- don't necessarily "know" each other better now than when we started (relational connection)

- regular meeting times

- having a break in the middle of meeting built into the agenda (add to working agreements)

- haven't done a great job of "training" facilitation (more of a staff role to help new people adjust to leadership roles) (have talked about having a training in leadership)

- no clear accountability or acceptance of process things dropped, or agreements not followed

- we have open meetings, but haven't publicized much, and have never really had community presence at them

relationship +s:

- enjoy spending time with this group

- have never dreaded coming to a meeting

- Shane: being accepted even when didn't feel like 100% part of the community

- 1:1s as relationship

- have felt a sense of connection from time together, and having time built in at beginning of meetings to check in

relationship deltas:

- Tricia has felt underappreciated, process of doing appreciations at the end can feel a bit forced: having different ways of acknowledging each other and doing appreciations

- Council's job to support the staff: could be clearer in that role both at meetings and in general

- having an intentional focus on prayers of gratitude for leadership and staff specifically in the community

- also recognizing if we discuss things here that we appreciate people for something, sending a note to convey that appreciation

- some better system of "introduction" to the Cathedral, and the people in the building specifically for the Treasurer

- have a general "intro" to behind-the-scenes of the Crossing and how it fits into bigger picture of Cathedral/ Diocese

- fitting Tricia's hearing device better into "social" spaces, issue more speed and less volume, and having better systems / plans to make sure that she is included in social time and not left behind

- being held accountable and admitting fault lovingly (and forgiving lovingly)

- helping people "turn away" from less effective actions or practices

- our relationship with God as well, and how to build in space for that as well (being able to ask for space for that)

Search Committee communication:

- having a more intentional time to express gratitude for the Search Committee (in prayers / announcements every week)

- having an assigned person on both SC and Council responsible for communication and updates

- having either phone or in-person updates

- having a more set meeting date will help more regular communication

- what kinds of information should we expect: general updates just to have a concrete statement of work being done, having a better idea of process as it will go

- having a meal with Committee that Council will provide to help "clear the air" about communication practices (fist of five: passes)

- having a Liaison for SC (fist of five: passes), Michael is willing to be that person on our side

Budget Review:

- forecasting a 10% increase in plate/pledge ($30,000)

- believe that Additional Grants is a goal?

- Congregational Development Grant? not automatic, need to apply through Lynn Smith

- Additional Grants is a high number, and a lot of those are for specific projects, not general budget

- also might need to have a person whose goal is getting grants (writing and applying) to raise that amount

- brings up idea of Priest Associate. Tricia could spend some time on grants if Stephen was working on other areas and tasks

Stewardship Drive:

- have four initiatives from Stewardship meeting to increase plate and pledge

- researching paypal and other alternatives for people who don't have cash to put in the plate

- twice a year - having people give a note to the plate of "talents" they can give

- having more prominent placement and liturgical inclusion of the bowl, and rotating prayer said in thanksgiving for all gifts given for life of the community

- having a more creative / narrative budget to help people understand what we need and how it will support the community

- have "stories of thanksgiving" on facebook and website

- leaflet: had one of "time/talent" next one will be on "money"

- electronic automatic recurring debits

- having Council take charge of a yearly fund-raising evening

- things like Warrior Dash, as well

- Biggest unknown in budget is the priest and specifically health care costs (spousal coverage / family coverage)

- Diocesan convention has a vote every year on minimum salary, and we are about $3000 below that

- There's also a big difference between urban / suburban ministry. Urban churches just don't have as much money

- vote doesn't differentiate between the two, just sets the "floor"

- it isn't a "requirement" it's a "suggestion", but people also sort of fudge the "hours" requested so that on paper, they meet that suggestion

- have meal with SC on December 14th at next meeting and have meeting between now and then to discuss budget more

- Isaac will recuse himself from that meeting because of how these discussions affect him personally, and would like to put out there his frustrations with the differing treatment of lay/clergy salaries

Associate Priest:

- Stephen and his excitement to be involved

- would this be expanding? or alleviating some tasks so that Tricia could focus on other things?

- a lot of helping facilitate and cultivate things like Small Groups

- would he be interested in being a part of Worship Circle?

- preaching additionally, not "in lieue of" Tricia

- having him involved more actively with worship so that community is more familiar with him and he has more of a role there (possibly once a month?)

- Isaac really felt like being included in worship helped the community accept him as a leader

- could we invite him to a meeting, or have a 1:1 with a Council rep to present some of our ideas and hear his thoughts and interests?

- being conscious of the situation a priest will be coming into, and how to be clear about Stephen's role when a new priest

- Isaac would ask to replace "preaching" with "leading reflection"

Leigh's position on Council

- will serve through December meeting while we begin process of preparing for elections in January

Action items:

- have time next meeting to go over our purpose

- need facilitator for next three months

- schedule extra meeting between now and December 14th

- contact SC about having meal on the 14th

- Tricia will communicate to Stephen that we grateful accept the proposal and ask him to celebrate once a month and have more conversation about his role when the new priest arrives


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