October 18, 2013

6:30 Start! On time - woo

Isaac moderated
Annie suggested brainstorm around Fundraising
Kevin, Julia and Shane did a preliminary budget and will send to Isaac
Add treasurer job description - sent to Shane
Meeting dates
2nd Saturday of the month starting in January 
Shane push to send agenda earlier
Nov 9th next council meeting (in the afternoon) - 9:30-12pm
Annie will call in to the next meeting
Next meeting in January 
Going forward, meetings will be second Saturday night, 6pm-8:30pm - stick with that for January 
Council Working Agreements
July notes were included (back of worksheet) 
Need to find a list of the norms 
Tricia had considerable frustration with lack of a date 
If you write, 'response needed', we would respond with 48 hours. Clarify is this something you're willing to abide by?
Isaac - need to honor people's vacations 
Do we email people when we are away and let them know?
Michael - what are the emails that we should respond to?
Tricia - raises another issue. Reluctance to have a chair and have someone who is in charge and needing to administrate this, it hasn't worked 
Need to raise again the possibility of having a chair for 3 months. What are the three month goals and what are you looking to have the council look at - goal of having more continuity 
No one was authorized to do commit to a meeting, is there an operational breakdown?
What should we do with the nudger? Is it Staff's role to follow-up?
Shane - should we have someone serve on the council in a purely administrative role
(Vote on action items 2-3 below) 
September Follow-up (residual action items below (5-9)
2013 Budget:
1. Where is the current budget? Not on shared 'L' drive or Google Drive
2. Plate and pledge - 1/2 down for the year and 3/4 of where it should be 
3. Isaac - treasurer and council need to push for these pledges in December 
Shane needs to send a few emails to rectify finances 
Additional Partnerships needed - will talk about later this meeting
Healthcare - Issac will have to do another health plan for $475/month. Crossing would be accountable for 1/2. Doesn't include Dental
Are employers required to cover dental
He doesn't know if he will qualify for federal subsidies
How do we decide what amount the employer will cover?
Is a non-required benefit an increase in compensation? 
Two questions - 1. Legally, what percentage do we need to cover and 2. If that % is less than what we are paying right now, what do we do with that remainder? 
Would be an extra $63 per month
2014 Budget:
Can't make one right now
Shane - biggest thing, projecting a 10% increase of 30k and 'aggressive' new stewardship campaign and attendance going back up 
Diocese grant is growing next year from 60k-65k, but unsure of how it will be split up, but we are assuming that it will stay the same
Assuming no income carried over, although we always go under budget for musicians 
Goal: Additional grants to start looking and what we need to do to fill in with different foundations
Partners: revised down to 1k (now we are at 3k and we aren't going to make it) 
Biggest uncertainty is Priest salary and benefits. Currently at 29k - is this right? Have we checked what the Diocese suggested pay? 
Jep will negotiate 
We should put in the accurate budget for what we will offer because it would not be good to put more money into the budget
LifeTogether - 4k, but not including to continue with a housing stipend
Investigate the admin assistant - how will that look moving forward. He's in his 3rd week and doing a good job. Taxes paid
Increased leadership retreat
Combine worship hospitality and general hospitality - those were being used together and instead combine into one fund
Losing Calvin Grant
97,798 budget projected
97,000 projected income
*These numbers include the COLA* 
Long-Term Financial Planning
1. Meeting with the Diocese 
2. What fundraising can we do?
a) Need access to pledge numbers
b) Need plan in place to follow-up 
Katie will send out information about pledges - first by email 
Partners - proactively contact people from our past
Other fundraisers - doing the Warrior Dash in June. Raising money for the Church 
Big hole is 8k for additional grants and 3k for partnerships
Money that has not been gar. by the Diocese is a $16,250
How much has been pledged that hasn't come in yet?
*We need another 5k from plate and pledge 
We are 2400 under for music 
4500 saved from Life Together
9k total needed, 5k projected in plate and pledge
Good News: Cathedral really excited!  
1:1 Campaign 
Make sure we get that done before too much more time passes 
Brainstorm Council Projects
Isaac - thermometer and try to get people to increase 
Call up St. George's and ask if they want us to do something during Advent 
Shane - Talk to 'Friends of the Crossing' - send them t-shirt and a note
Could we work with corporate partners 
Are there people
Warrior Dash in 2014 budget
Christmas/Advent season - worship gets more meditative, Christmas pageant 
Give a gift to the Crossing instead of giving to you - Jan 15th 
Make cards and sell them for people to send to your family (charge money to the event) 
Christmas dinner last year
Tricia spoke with Rebecca about doing a potluck 
Ask Natalie about the middle schoolers - could they make a donation
Cookie decorating, where we give away the cookies and people pay $10 to decorate 
Christmas Carols on the Commons
Michael knows of group that does it and could forward to invite 
Opportunities for Fundraising:
All Hallows Eve - Paid Costume Part with 50/50 raffle 
November - ? 
Isaac really wants to make some crossing videos - could buy with office supplies 
Katie Ernst has a video camera 
Audit - Tricia had originally raised it and Annie reminded. Not an actual 'audit' but a financial review, although the Treasurer doesn't write checks
Weekly counting - two people are counting the money. 7 volunteers and Katie is managing that roster 
Should we have more financial reporting? Shane could do something like that in December and goal of a quarterly process for financial reporting to the community 
Tricia suggested 3x/year - do once in fall, once in spring and once in June/July 
People are used to thinking that Church is free and they aren't used to charging money
Michael called it a narrative budget - every week in the bulletin there was a push for how much we need. You could look at that report and estimate how much we need 
Could we do a campaign for people to give something up over the course of the year 
How do we create a culture of gratitude - how are lives are given to us as gift 
Use tithing as an example?
3 people speaking 3 weeks in a row with gratitude - what they are grateful for in the crossing?
Michael - Being a person who depends on others and transitioning to being an adult and character formation and how do you address this? What is our culture of young adults and how do we start thinking about sustaining the world around us
Isaac - either do a stewardship series with the Crossing and make announcements OR do a Spiritual practice of giving and why we give gifts at Christmas. For example, what are the differences between programatic giving vs. justice/charity
Do you give 5% to the poor or 5% to the church - or how do you develop choices why you give in a certain way
Shane - Luke is full of economic justice and giving last 2 coins to the temple
Two ideas - long term plan for character development and shorter-term goal for 
Action Items
1. Tricia - Share Treasurer Job Description
2. Annie emails Leigh to get consensus that everyone agrees to respond to emails within 48 hours
3. Nudger role clarity - will follow-up on all action items by 2 weeks after meeting takes place and will send an email
4. Add 'Monthly v Quarterly role's to agenda items 
5. Annie will email Leigh to ask if she has asked Tom about search committee 
6. Isaac will give Shane an email address 
7. Annie - Worship Circle 'Former letters'
8. Michael check with Kevin re: one-on-ones
9. Michael make announcement about reflection pairing with others doing reflections
10. Shane - 2013 budget corrected, resent to Dana and send to Isaac to save on the LDrive/Google Drive
11. Shane - Include change in personnel, include 3.5% COL increase for 1/4 of the year. 
12. Isaac - Update the budget to reflect previous council decisions
13. Isaac resend Shane the corrected budget and Shane send back the final budget back to Dana
14. Isaac revisit Healthcare and what happens to compensation if he finds cheaper healthcare. Visit the Payroll department and bring back more information after talking to Jep, too. 
15. Shane check the Diocese compensation guidelines (see it online). See if we can meet this, or not. 
16. Isaac give access to compensation for assistant 
17. Shane will send budget typed up to group ASAP. We will review and next meeting we will discuss at length and then pass it before the December meeting 
18. Shane ask Katie about total pledges and report on where our actual numbers are
19. Shane follow-up with Cathedral finance people for 'seminarians' - who is billing this? Needs to write Rebecca a check for $500 and figure out how to pay Lura
20. Tricia check on compensation for Lura and how to pay her, if we are
21. ALL - Finish 1:1 conversations
22. Shane - get list of friends of the Crossing and Partners to send to Isaac 
23. Isaac - ask will St. George and other organizations for partnership dollars
24. Isaac - check with Katie Ernst about video camera
25. Annie - bring 3 weeks of gratitude for stewardship 
26. Shane organizing stewardship conversation with Tricia, Kevin and Shane for Fall plan.
27. Shane - ask friend to do a project for Stewardship program 
Nudger: Isaac 
Facilitator: Isaac



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