September 28, 2013



Council Meeting Notes


·Update from Search Committee

o   Tricia encouraged Jep to meet with Search Committee to discuss things in the job description that might be keeping people from applying

o   Transparency with community as a whole (what the process is, how many people have applied, what do we think we’re looking for, etc.)

o   * Leigh will email Tom back to communicate those ideas

·Cost of Living Adjustments

o   Diocesan convention votes on adjustment (none made in 2013 yet)

o   Tricia – it would be good for the council to expect every year for there to be an increase

o   We are already ~$4,000 below minimum for a priest at Tricia’s level, and Isaac has not received an increase in cost of living in 3 years

o   Michael - We also have pressure to be self-sustaining in terms of our own finances and budgeting

o   Isaac – also need to consider our size compared to the Sunday morning congregation, and how much larger their budget is

o   Reply that we do expect some amount of help

o   Will mean another adjustment to budget

o   Also need to look into Isaac’s health insurance coverage

o   Increase in musician salaries, as well

o   * Shane will draft up an email to Jep

o   Annie – we need to sit down with the Cathedral at some point and talk about what the long term financial plan for the Crossing is

o   Look more closely at numbers next meeting

·New treasurer

o   Hi Shane!


o   * Isaac needs to put Shane on google group and add him as a crossing email address

o   Tricia – need to have people to count money at worship each week

o   * Shane should meet up with Kevin and go over some of those things

o   we have a job description, but not an official one, more of a write-up from Kevin

o   Annie would love for us to have ten minutes for us to draft an official job description

·Action items from last month

o   Isaac did not create a “how to get involved” bulletin, but will try to this week

o   Engage your neighbor / Renew your world is going really well

o   Jep was informed that we want to use the Lawrence room during renovations

o   We have sexton support for setup/cleanup

o   1:1s have been going

o   Dinner on Thursday was a huge success

o   Spreadsheet of who wants to offer what, and gauging interest on Thursday’s meeting

o   Small groups – do we start some now? Wait on some or all?

o   making a doodle to revamp the fall meeting schedule

·Mission Initiative on Minimum Wage

o   There is an initiative to raise minimum wage to 0.50, and another for employees to earn sick leave

o   Tricia talked to Jep about 5013c issue, and this is totally ok for us to be doing

o   We should look for something that people are already doing so that we can maximize our energy and efforts

o   We should connect with Mary-Beth about work she is probably already be doing in this area

o   Isaac - “This is an issue we should be talking about” rather than “This is an issue and here’s what you should think”

o   We really need to populate the mission circle, so send folks Tricia’s way

o   Tricia suggest we attend the Education in Action sessions

o   Praying for the Crossing to get back into its life of outreach

o   Council’s responsibility to help populate circles

o   Rebecca and Lura have been putting posters up around schools

·1:1 Initiative

o   Annie and Leigh have made contact, although not actually managed to have any 1:1s yet

o   Michael has done 4 of his 6

o   Isaac has done 3

o   Tricia has done 5

o   Tricia has found people who are interested in getting involved in Pastoral Care, and getting a team together would be really good

o   Making that clear to the community where to go for pastoral care

o   Isaac heard a desire for the Crossing to get more engaged in mission work, as well as a desire for community building

o   Annie – we should be careful as we try to grow the size not to let go of those relationships

o   Michael also heard a lot of “we need to have a mission”.

o   Michael – also heard desire to try out new ideas for service, might be fun to do like, occasional experimental service

o   Annie – taking things from meeting on Thursday and narrowing down to like, “our inward mission is _____ , and our outward mission is ______”

o   Michael – maybe we need to have a list of people who would be interested in communication with reflection leaders while they’re working on their reflections

o   Annie – also maybe send out recent reflections so that people can know what happened even if they weren’t there, pick up on any themes that might carry on

o   Tricia is hearing a weariness from “old-timers”, that people are tired

o   Letter writing campaign to old members – (kick to Worship circle)

o   Isaac – having a “theme” helps to decide whether or not a new idea is something worth focusing on instead of popcorning all over the place

o   Annie – are there places we want to push the community more? Not getting complacent this year

Action Items:

·Leigh will email Tom back

·Shane will draft email reply to Jep about COL adjustment

·Isaac will add Shane to the google group and to the crossing email

·Shane will meet with Kevin (and a few others?) to go over some Treasurer duties

·Tricia will take leadership to get small groups ready to go

·Annie will lead a hiking small group

·Annie will make a doodle to schedule the next few meetings

·Isaac will plug worship/mission circle recruitments with small groups

·Michael will check with Kevin about how many 1:1s he has done and to get that list to Shane, and will check in with Mario about his 1:1s as well

·Michael will ask during announcements about others who would be interested in being talking through reflections with those working on them

·Annie will take leadership in Worship circle looking into “former member” letters, and playing around with “seeing face of Christ” in each other time

·Annie will figure out who is hosting for next meeting once we set a date

·Isaac will facilitate the next meeting

·Michael will nudge

Things to put on next meeting’s agenda:

·look over budget numbers on COL adjusments for all staff

·look over Isaac’s health insurance

·plan a meeting with the Cathedral re: long-term financial plan

·time to draft official Treasurer job description




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