August 26, 2013


Search Committee Update: see Action Items

Treasurer Vacancy:

·Julia Capurso is interested. (Isaac)

·Ken Farmer might also be interested. (Tricia)

·Let's hold an election on Sept 19th, a week after our launch.

·Kevin is willing to hang on until September 19th.

·Treasurer duties that Kevin will need help with in the meantime:

oHouse Finance Committee meets one a month

oCathedral Chapter meets every month - Crossing should have a rep, but it doesn't need to be the Treasurer.

Priorities for the Fall:


·Evangelism: there are lots of people in Boston who would love the Crossing if they only knew about it. We need to find them and invite them.



oPublic Events

oPersonal Invitations


·Small Groups


·Securing the staff

·Justice - we've been good with prayer and worship, but not so much with justice.

·Newcomer Retention


·Kick off service

·2014 Budget

·Recruiting, especially at seminaries

·Supporting the Search Committee


·Retaining newcomers - small groups, newcomer brunches

·Cohesive Mission and Vision - leaders retreat

·Outreach and Evangelism

·Finances - budget and stewardship


·Small Groups - it's a lifeblood for the community

·Evangelism - posters, postcards, 1:1s, inviting people to come, website

·Justice - making our Mission active - our Mission Circle is more talking than acting, and we should find a project

·Storytelling - providing an opportunity for people to share their stories.


·Justice - immigration, trans issues

·Stories - power of names, naming ourselves,

Sept 26th after worship: Dinner and visioning for the year, as well as reporting on the results of the 1:1 campaign.

Theme for 2013-2014: Engaging our Neighbors, Renewing the World

Cathedral Move:

We have three options:

·Move to St John's on Bowden St, like the Cathedral is.

·Use the Lawrence Room

·Find a third space, such as St Luke and St Mary

The Council has decided to use the Lawrence Room.

Worship Circle Report:

·Calvin Grant Finished

·Revisioning Spiritual Practice - MBMC, Annie, Meghan

·Expanding the use of scripture in worship for the fall.

·Working on a recruitment campaign.

·Council is not uncomfortable expanding the professional roles of Crossing members who are currently in the Council's employ.

Mission Circle Update:

·One meeting in July - it was a small group - the circle feels overcommitted, which is limiting it's ability to accomplish work.

·Like the Worship Circle, recruitment is an issue.

·Considering bilingual service

Treasurer's Report:

·Budget Report will come in September

·Forming subcommittee for 2014 budget, hoping to meet twice in September.

·Do we need to do a financial audit as we transition from one treasurer to another.


·Kept to time.

·Annie's facilitation was great.

·Tricia with the last-minute pinch-hitting on the agenda - thanks!


·Maybe too many big items for one meeting?

·Five-minute stretch break half-way through would be great.

·Monday nights are not awesome.

Action Items:


·Create "how to get involved" insert for the Crossing bulletin on Sep 12th.

·Be the point person for Vision 2013-2014.

·Tell Jep that the Crossing wants to use the Lawrence Room during discussion.

·Talk to Jim about where we'll store our stuff.

·Contact Jim about office furniture.

·Suggestion from Mario: "My name is..." introduction during liturgy.

·Take lead on 1:1 campaign, which starts now.


·Contact Search Committee and get an update

oPlease remind: It's easy to ease off on searching for new candidates when you have one candidate you like, but putting all your eggs in one basket can be really treacherous. Plese don't forget to continue soliciting applicants?

oPlease ask: As you move forward with a candidate you like, when does Isaac get pulled into the process? When does the Council get pulled into the process? We'll need about three weeks' notice before we can set up an interview.

oPlease tell: We're officially cool with you only having four members.

·Take lead on the dinner on September 16th w/Tricia


·Please make small groups for the Fall a major priority. Also, we're hoping for our small group ministry to be cohesive.

·Take lead on the dinner on September 16th w/Annie

·Contact Jep and ask about treasurer transitions


·Leading Holy Heretics small group.


·Make 2014 Budget for September meeting.

·Kevin will set doodle to revamp our fall meeting schedule. September meeting needs to get rescheduled ASAP.



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