July 15 2013

Opening Remarks 

-Budget - pass it! 

-2 interns 

-1,000 for Lura

-??? for Rebecca

-will move 100 to webtech for advertising 


*See attached budget for changes 

-intern will be responsible for her own taxes

-Isaac will check on taxes for intern



Office Manager

What should the hourly wage be? Isaac will start at 15 and then be able to go up until 17 if we find someone awesome

Total maximum will be $5709.76

Kevin wants us to be mindful that we have 3k set aside for partnerships that probably won't come in

Isaac - do we have a list of last year's partners and can we cultivate them as donors?

Isaac can take on one partnership as part of his job

Leigh clarified - doing a workshop

priorities for the next 3 months - we should include this

Subcommittee for budget - Annie will be on it


Retreat - August 17th 

3 hour outline

Kevin - need space for pausing and reflecting

Isaac - value in casting a vision. What could 2013-14 be? 2012-13 was setting the vision

Could we have a focus for the year where we could get outside of our own selves

worried that our attendance has dropped and not recovered - could we get to 40 people, etc?

Leigh - leadership retreat is time to reach out to new potential leaders - you get invited to something and show up. Having an idea of where the community was trying to go. 

Annie - push for mission focused leadership retreat. 

Isaac - we are expecting a priest by mid-late fall, but we might not find that person

7 hours of retreat

3 hours of what has fed you and celebrating and an hour of lunch and 3 hours of casting a vision

Kevin - bring out mission and have more people sign it. Can we examine our own vision

Leigh - having time to hang out at night

Isaac - plan on having an overnight. Friday night Shabaat style. 24 hour thing

Leigh and Annie - decompressing and optional dinner

Michael - logistically it is easier if people aren't staying overnight


Next steps

-Ask if the house can be used

-Mario is looking into BU


-AK looks into mysterious space without plastic chairs

-Kevin does content and Annie does logistics

-Annie reach out to worship circle to help

-Mario reach out to mission circle

-Self-selecting group 'if you are a leader or if you would like to be in leadership role'


Examining our roles - what have we done well?

-Budget, Admin, Hiring, Firing

-How can we manage others in some of this work?

-Kevin and Annie - how do we ensure that the community is formed in Christian discipleship 

-Michael - do we have Christian formation team?

-Isaac - budget, staffing, all really good. Mixed on fundraising

-Annie: good job being cohesive as a group

-Isaac: being good at communicating with our community

-Michael: annual meeting or annual report


How could be be better?


-Check-ins from the different circles 

-Annual Report - should we do it for this July? YES

-Pastoral Care Team - that need was identified within the community

-give training and coaching for this to community members?

Leigh: put on schedule for next meeting

Kevin: can our small groups walk together in some sort of theme, etc. 

Michael: could we have neighborhood groups in September?



1. Neighborhood Small Groups

2. Thematic Small Group program

3. Starting up a group specifically to Pastoral Care

*Is this on our or on the leadership retreat?

One-on-one campaign to chat with people?

How do we form Christian discipleship - asking what have done and what we could do?

Intentional focus on continuing to attract new members

How could we do recruiting events?

How do we get the word out more?

Leigh - put together a form/quick survey and general community feedback? How much is asked? How much is available? Make a survey monkey?


Michael To Do

Facilitate annual report


Isaac To Do

Taxes for Intern

Type of changes in budget

Google drive folder - make it public to Council

Work with Leigh to finalize list 


Kevin To Do

Budget for 2014


Annie To Do

Budget for 2014

Ask worship about helping for retreat

Meet w/Mario or Tricia about mission circle 


Mario To Do

Ask worship about helping for retreat


Leigh To Do

Survey Monkey design for questions

Work on list for Crossing list 


Next Council Meeting: August 26th

Annie's place (remember about the T)

Facilitation: Leigh w/Kevin nudging 

*will include worship circle and mission circle updates



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