April 20, 2013

In attendance: Tricia de Beer, Leigh Holmes-Foster, Michael Zahniser, Isaac Everett, Kevin Vetiac

Absent: James Ehmann, Iain Stanford
Guest: Mary Beth Mills-Curran

Purpose of the Council:

Isaac and Kevin will take another swing at it this week, and apologies for not having it for this time.
First addition to norms:
If something isn’t going to get done, let the chair know before the meeting so that the agenda can be crafted around it.
Immediate goals:
We’ve combined “figuring out what calling a priest means” with “search committee support.”
We’ve combined “keep an eye on problems before they become crises” and “deciding if we’re doing too much or too little.”
Top selections, in order of priority:
1) Support the search committee
2) Naming larger vision for the community
3) Review staff structure
4) Keep eye on problems.
(There are also nine bullet points in the charter document which are part of the “council’s job description.” We can read them at  http://www.thecrossingboston.org/lstf.pdf)
Working Agreements:
  • We’re aiming for one meeting per month, 2.5 hours. (30 minutes of checkins/food/transition/spiritual practice, 2 hours of work)
  • Email decisions – if someone feels that an issue can’t be handled over email, just say so and the Council will honor that. We’ll endeavor to make most decisions in person.
  • We expect all council members to be at every meeting, with the understanding that occasionally people will have emergencies. No council member, however, should be missing more than one meeting per six months.
  • If you’re going to miss a meeting, let everyone know.
  • If more than two people need to miss a meeting, we will reschedule the meeting.
  • If there’s a call for a vote, then all voting members at the meeting vote, and it takes an agreement of three voting members in order to make a decision.
Search Committee:
  • SC need more people.
  • SC needs help recruiting candidates, looking first to our personal networks, making an announcement to the community.
For next time:
  • Revisit Confidentiality working agreement. Do we maintain confidentiality and, if so, what kind?
  • By Monday, send a list of three names of folks you think would be awesome for the Search Committee. Send it to Leigh.
  • the Council will identify what requests they have of the Search Committee at our next meeting.
Next meeting:
May 18th – 12:30-3pm, at the Cathedral.
Facilitator: Leigh
Host: the Cathedral


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