May 18, 2013

Quick Review of Goals/Norms/Voting:

Working Agreements:

  • We’re aiming for one meeting a month, 2.5 hours. (30 minutes of checkins/food/transition/spiritual practice, 2 hours of work)
  • Email decisions – if someone feels that an issue can’t be handled over email, just say so. We’ll endeavor to make most decisions in person.
  • We expect all council members to be at every meeting, with the understanding that occasionally people will have emergencies. No council member, however, should be missing more than one meeting per six months.
  • If you’re going to miss a meeting, let everyone know, preferably within 48 hours.
  • If more than two people need to miss a meeting, we will reschedule the meeting.
  • If there’s a call for a vote, then all voting members at the meeting vote, and it takes an agreement of three voting members in order to make a decision.
  • Doing pretty good, but could be better about holding to our agendas and about honoring our 48 hour response period. Does not yet feel like a small group.


  • In subject line, say either “response needed,” “no response needed,” or “response optional.”
  • Adding let your “Yes be yes and your no be no” to group norms.
  • Isaac will make a googlegroup.

Council Roles:
Leigh: I prefer that people not get pigeon-holed into specific jobs.
Kevin: I would like a rotating facilitator, which includes making an agenda.
Isaac: Who leads the Council between meetings, making sure that we’re doing the things that we’re doing?
Leigh: We should have someone doing that.
Iain: It doesn’t need to be the facilitator, it could be a separate role. It could also be a role that someone takes it on for 2-3 months.
Leigh: It’s a pain-in-the-ass role, and no one wants to be the person that everyone else is resenting.
Isaac: The facilitator is responsible for making the agenda, which means keeping track of what’s gotten done and needs revisiting. Therefore, it might be simplest to just have the facilitator for the next meeting be the nudger until that meeting.
Michael: It’s cool to ask assistance, since some folks might not want to facilitate but would be happy to nudge.

Final roles:

Facilitator – creates agenda, runs meeting, keeps us on task, sends out reminder email, and recruits people other roles (including spiritual practice, clerk, nudger, etc)

Search Committee Update:
Keith has said no.
Jana is thinking about it, but is super busy. She expects to get back to Kevin.
Isaac Martinez said yes!
Tom said yes!

Isaac: We need to give the SC our blessing to move forward, starting interviewing the new applicants, calling references, etc. If that means that there are only three people on the SC, then that’s ok. Let’s give Isaac M and Jana until Monday to give us a definitive yes or no, and if we end up with fewer than five, we’ll continue mining our nomination list and/or make an open call to the community.

Annie: Let’s make sure that the SC represents the diversity of the community in terms of gender identity, ethnic background, religious background, and age.

Iain: What’s the commitment? It seems like it’s only a couple of months.

Leigh: Maybe, but we have no real way of knowing so folks should be prepared for the long haul.

Resolved: Tom is now on the Search Committee, and we want them to move forward with three members, starting initial interviews with the new candidates. We are aiming to add the final member by May 25.

Budget and Finance:

We’ve reached our matching-grant goal. We currently have $26,000 in pledges, across 21 pledge units.

Mission Circle is applying for a $5,000 grant for anti-oppression work. In September, we’ll apply for a Church Home Society grant.

We haven’t done any partnerships yet, simply because everyone is so busy. We need to gain $3,000 in partnerships by the end of the year.

Tricia would like to see monthly expenses and income rather than merely year-to-date. No decision on this was made.

To Do:

  • Isaac will make a googlegroup.
  • Kevin will write up a concrete “job description” of the facilitator for next time.
  • Isaac E will extract definite yes or nos from Jana next week, and if either says no, make an announcement to the larger community.

Next Meeting:
Sat, June 22nd, 10:00am-12:30pm.
Isaac will facilitate next time.
Kevin will host and arrange for food.
(30 St Joseph St, Boston MA 02130)
It is the day after Kevin’s birthday, so bring presents.


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