June 22, 2013

Notes – Council Meeting (6/22/13)

Search Comm. Update (Tom):
- lots of names to follow up with currently
- 2 applicants, other (local and out-of-state) names to contact
- addressing process questions (timeline for visits…)
- Jana got updated packet to all seminaries / div schools in the area
- (Tricia) July 18th, Cathedral celebration of Mandela, good to keep that date in mind if inviting candidates earlier than deadline
- (Tricia) being flexible with candidates is good, and asking if there are things that would make it hard for them to accept an offer
- there is some excitement about a number of the candidates, and the feeling that they would have a lot to bring to the Crossing
- (Annie) concern at the Worship Circle level that the SC had been elected, and now has been “selected”. Way to make it more transparent?
- (Iain) SC election was before we had an elected body of any kind
- (Isaac) There is a major difference between “appointed by staff” and “appointed by elected leaders,” which we took into account. Also, appointment by Council was preferable to having the SC appoint its own members.
* – Council should put some thought into what the “end process” would look like once Search Committee is ready to make a recommendation

Staffing Structure:
- went through actual hours, job descriptions, etc.
- moved a few things around, especially taking some Administrative duties off of Isaac/Tricia
- seems like hiring someone to do administrative duties is the way we’re heading
- (Tricia) there’s an assumption that the priest would be overseeing 1 intern, if we have two, that would increase that time
- (Tricia) there were a lot of things that the priest wouldn’t be able to hand over to an intern or staff member, but things like setting up chairs for worship, a priest doesn’t need to do
- (Leigh) salaries for priest vs intern to do administrative duties? (Isaac) would be cheaper to bring in an intern vs having a priest doing those things and increasing the position
- (Annie) some things seem to be duplicates, (Isaac) it has taken two people (fb updates, eblast)
- (Kevin) all the staff things could be done with two interns. (Tricia) only have 10-12 hours/wk from an intern (Isaac) and that’s not the intention behind the positions
- (Leigh) confused about what interns roles would be since administrative things were taken off of Isaac and Tricia’s plates, but it sounds like administrative duties are not what interns are for
- (Iain) also, looking at social media things as a ministry, which many people are interested in and might be looking for
Interns overview (Tricia):
- Lura is interested in community organizing, part of that is you take on a specific project of mission and are coached in how to do that
- costs $600 to register as LDI site
- Lura could give ~15 hrs/wk (including worship)
- Rebecca is a college senior interested to work in “intersection of LGBT worship and church”, evangelical background, has graphic design skills, we would treat her like a seminarian
- (Annie) why can’t we ask her to do some of the administrative work?
- (Isaac) have $3000 for interns, but also have Life Together money to hire a ~8hr/wk administrative person
- (Iain) if we commit money to an administrator, are we saying we can’t have a Life Together intern for a number of years?
- (Annie) could we get like a temp person? (Kevin) or just be clear that it is a position “for the academic year” for example. Also, that Katie was a 2nd year intern, so we were paying her more than would be the norm for a 1st year intern
- (Leigh) being clear about our “needs” and drafting job descriptions to find someone who is interested in that position, instead of trying to fit what someone wants to do into our structure
- (Annie) would vote for hiring someone from the community to do some admin duties, and really consider the effect of this position on someone like Rebecca
- (Iain) feels like we’re mixing up conversations about permanent staff vs interns/admin, and also community questions about what it means to be a member of the Crossing and not of another parish
- (Tricia) to clarify: Rebecca did not ask to be paid, Isaac and I are proposing to pay her
- (Isaac) consensus starting to emerge to bring Lura in as seminarian, and bring Rebecca in as an administrative intern
- (Kevin) we are already obligated to follow through on anti-oppression training
- (Leigh) if we only do a mission internship and more administrative position, do we free up some of the Life Together money for compensation?
- (Michael) when it was built around community organizing model, it was exhausting
- (Isaac) huge difference between volunteer member of community and staff member. Once someone is in an “intern” position, there’s oversight, could be getting graded at school, etc. There’s a different level of accountability.
- (Iain) concerned about underlying idea that it takes us paying someone to do things we don’t like to do.
- (Leigh) I don’t like the idea that to be a member you are expected to treat it like a “job”
- (Annie) we’re not an entirely unpaid community, and we do need someone to do these things
*- (Isaac) fist of five to create a 5-8 hr/wk position for administrative duties? Record shows we can all live with that.
*- Kevin and Isaac commit to create a concrete proposal by the next meeting
*- Annie would like to sit down with Tricia and Isaac to discuss their positions as well

Update on Interns:
- (Isaac) Lura might be applying for a grant that would pay part of her position
- (Isaac) significant administrative load that we need someone to be responsible for
- (Iain) not sure we as the council should make a decision about the LDI since it would be committing other people’s time to that training
- (Kevin) we have submitted a grant that would commit our time to anti-oppression work already, so it would depend on if Lura can be flexible about doing that work
*- fist of five about setting aside $1500 for seminarian (possibly Lura)
*- fist of five about another $1500 to have Rebecca as some sort of intern/admin/some mission type of position
*- Tricia will talk to Lura about how she could fit in the anti-oppression mission into a seminarian internship
*- Mission Circle will need to look into how the LDI could fit with anti-oppression?

Website proposal:
- redoing the website and also training community members to use it
- (Isaac) not sure we need to spend the money for training community members, and also propose moving eblast to mailchimp, would save us money and is a bit more our style and a stronger utility
- proposing $500 ($400, $100 less intense training), out of the $800 for ad/printing, and getting rid of constant contact
*- fist of five passes for the $500

Treasurer (Kevin):
- much more comfortable stepping down as Treasurer before next year
- will send out a recommendation for two Treasurer positions (maybe one as an assistant)
- attend two meetings: Cathedral chapter (just needs to be someone from community, not necessarily Treasurer), and Cathedral finance meeting (which would need to be the Treasurer) which would need to be attended at least once a quarter (up to once a month)
- could work alongside a new Treasurer for a month or so to help ease transition
- (Isaac) do we want to elect a new treasurer now, or have an interim until the next election in January?
- (Tricia) suggest having two people as a nominating committee and return in July with updates
- (Annie) tension between us “picking” someone and people stepping up
- (Isaac) need to update LSTF to include what to do in situations like this, and also want to raise the issue of us nominating a voting member to our own group
- (Kevin) it is a lot to serve as Treasurer and also on Council
- (Annie) whoever serves on the council will need to be elected
- (Isaac) have an election in July to stand until the January election, Kevin serves as assistant Treasurer
*- fist of five for having an election in July to replace the council Treasurer until January, with Kevin staying on in whatever capacity he can for that time
*- Kevin will draft the roles/responsibilities for Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer

Action Items:

  • Kevin, Isaac, and Annie will meet to craft job description for Administrator position.
  • Tricia will talk to Lura about how she could fit in the anti-oppression mission into a seminarian internship
  • Mission Circle will need to look into how the LDI could fit with anti-oppression?
  • Isaac will contact web developers and begin web revamp process.
  • Kevin will draft the roles/responsibilities for Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer, and create a legacy binder to hand to the next Treasurer.
  • Staff will conduct Treasurer election in July.
  • Council will recruit candidates for treasurer.

Next meeting is July 15th (6:30-9:00) at Annie’s
All are welcome, ask a council member for the address.

Michael will serve as nudger/chair until our next meeting.
Isaac will serve as facilitator next meeting.


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