The Council is a crew who handle things like budget, development, staffing, and big-picture community vision. Members are elected every January. It's our highest decision-making body at The Crossing, and it consists of two staff members, two generally-elected members of the community, an elected treasurer, and two representatives from the leadership circles. Meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend.

The Crew

Marsha Hoecker Priest and Lead Organizer

Marsha writes: "I am a country girl, a lover of nature who needs to live near the woods and grow some vegetables. God is most readily available to me outdoors and in interaction with the people in my life. I do some Qi Gong and Tai Chi to stay centered, as well, and enjoy meeting with others for spiritual sharing, prayer, and meditation on some regular schedule. At Trinity Chapel, my other faith community, we have something called Anamchara (soul friend) that meets that need. For fun I paint, read, sing, play Scrabble, hike in the summer, and cross-country ski in the winter ."

After living in Brattleboro, VT, for 20 years I went off to seminary with my two teenage boys and a new husband, and lived on the campus of EDS. Since 1995, when I was ordained, I have served mostly small churches and usually more than one at a time. I have been a strong proponent of 'total common ministry' or 'shared ministry,' something that I think The Crossing understands well."

Autumn Cutting (Worship Circle Representative)

Rebecca Kreshak (Community Circle Representative)

Isaac Martinez (Treasurer)

Garrett Garborcauskas (Member at Large)

Tom Marsan (Member at Large)


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Boston, MA

138 Tremont Street

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