What to Expect at Worship


The Crossing meets in the sanctuary at The Cathedral of Saint Paul near Boston Common. We gather at 6pm every Thursday to eat dinner and gather in fellowship for an hour, then Worship begins at 7. We are called to Worship after dinner by song, and we gather in a circle on the altar for Worship. The structure of Worship is available in the worship sheets so newcomers, oldcomers, and anycomers alike can follow along if they wish to. We offer scriptural readings, shared spiritual practice, reflective discussion space, open space for creative worship, song (and dance if you are so moved!), chant, prayers of the people, and open communion for all who wish to partake. All are welcome!

Worship at The Crossing is creative.

We’re constantly experimenting and exploring new ideas and practices within our worship. You might find yourself playing with finger paints, dancing at the altar, mashing up Gregorian Chant with pop songs, or making labyrinths with sidewalk chalk.

Worship at The Crossing is interactive.

One of the places we most often encounter God is in the people around us. You might find yourself having a surprisingly deep conversation about a portion of scripture with a total stranger, singing in three-part harmony, or sharing a water-color icon you’ve just made.

Worship at The Crossing is traditional.

We’re deeply in love with the liturgical heritage of Christianity, and think of ourselves as another link in a very long chain of discipleship, in partnership and collaboration with tradition rather than in opposition to it. You may find yourself praying a prayer written fifteen-hundred years ago, chanting an antiphon sung by monks in the middle ages, singing a 19th-century gospel song, or engaging in a spiritual practice codified at the Second Council of Nicaea.

Worship at The Crossing is transformative.

Worship changes us. It’s kind of like going to gym – if you regularly engage in good exercise, you’ll notice a difference! We open Worship every week with a member of the community leading us in a spiritual practice – you might find yourself learning meditation techniques, writing a letter to a parent, or exploring ways to spend money ethically.

Worship at The Crossing is welcoming.

Whether you’re a first timer a long-time member, married or single, straight or queer, trans or cis, a committed Christian or a questioning pilgrim, housed or homeless, you are welcome here. And when we say welcome, we don’t mean, “you’re welcome to show up,” we mean you’re welcome to bring your entire self: your faith and your fears, your questions and your doubts, your joy and your pain. You’re welcome to stand up and speak the first time you come, and you’re welcome to become a leader in the community at any level. We believe that welcoming you means being willing to be changed by you.


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